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Troubled two-time All-Star Johnson dies at 65

Eddie Johnson, 우리카지노본사 a former two-time All-Star with the Atlanta Hawks, has died.

He was 65.

Johnson was serving a life a sentence in Florida for sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl. The prison hasn’t disclosed the cause of death but Rocker-Cusack Mortuary in Leesburg, 실시간카지노사이트 Fla., posted a listing Tuesday that says Johnson died on Oct.


Johnson was known as «Fast Eddie» during a 10-year-playing career that ended in 1987 when he received a lifetime ban from the NBA due to cocaine use.

Johnson averaged 15.1 points and 5.1 assists in 675 NBA games. The Auburn product played in the 1980 and 바카라사이트쿠폰 1981 All-Star Games as a member of the Hawks.

He played 8 1/2 seasons with Atlanta before also playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Seattle SuperSonics.

Johnson was repeatedly in trouble after his NBA career ended and was eventually arrested in 2006 for the sexual battery of a minor 바카라사이트쿠폰 under 12.

He was sentence to life in prison in 2008.

—Field Level Media

Leadership Redefined

Imagine it’s late on Friday (crises always seem to occur late on Fridays); you just finished a telephone conversation with your boss who is halfway across the country and is anxiously attempting to close a major account. The sticking point of her negotiation is a proposal incorporating detailed multi-year projections you and your crew have been working on for months. You and your boss had hoped it would not come to this. The assembly was sooner than expected and sooner then you definitely had planned, however now you are in the crosshairs of competitors who have all their ducks in a row and try to squeeze your organization out from this doubtlessly very profitable client.

The consumer has generously agreed to one closing assembly on Saturday morning. Your boss is in a bind and now you are in a bind. It’s crunch time. Your group members, already stretched thin with different critical work, have started to disperse for the weekend. What’s your strategy for getting the job finished?

Are you going to rely on carrots and offer rewards as enticements to snap your staff into focus and get team members to burn the midnight oil?

Or are you going to drag out the stick and coerce staff members to get what you want and the group wants now?

Carrots and sticks are age-old tools used to influence and manipulate behavior. Carrots or rewards are the potential for gaining something; in this case cash, time without work or a promotion perhaps. Sticks or punishments are threats to take something away; in our example time without work, a shot at a promotion and even keeping a job perhaps. Human beings are motivated by carrots, the potential for achieve, however they are extremely motivated by sticks; the specter of dropping something. We’ll do more to keep what we’ve got — whether we like what we have or not — than we are going to to get something new.

Knowing the threat of loss is a more powerful motivator than the potential for achieve far too many bosses rely on sticks — threats and coercion — to get what they want. The truth to realize is utilizing either carrots or sticks isn’t leadership.

Employing the potential for extrinsic rewards or the specter of punishment to encourage folks is not leadership.

Over the last couple hundred years, since the time period was coined, we’ve come up with a wide range of definitions of leadership:

person(s) in position(s) of authority
ability to lead
an act or occasion of leading; guiding; directing
the position or perform of a leader, an individual who guides or directs a bunch
the artwork of motivating a gaggle of people to behave toward achieving a standard goal
a process of social affect, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal
We affiliate leadership with accomplishing a mission, goal or some task by no matter means is necessary. But is that what leading is really about?
People take a lot of pride in occupying positions of authority. We label these positions boss, supervisor, manager, director, executive, chief, head, and so on. Occupying a position of writerity nevertheless is just not synonymous with leadership. Being in a position of authority equals leading is an erroneous assumption. While thousands and thousands occupy positions of writerity and possess the ability to make use of carrots and sticks, real leadership is a uncommon commodity indeed.

And I wager you’ve realized our organizations, communities, country and our world need real leadership now more than ever.

So what then is leadership?

Leadership is the act of inspiring individuals to grow toward their full potential.

After reading that definition of leadership redefined, you’re probably inclined to challenge me asserting that that definition says nothing about missions, goals or tasks. How can that be leadership if nothing gets executed?

The idea of leadership redefined is simple. I can illustrate from a personal-household, a market-enterprise or a community-political perspective. I am going to use market-business.

The purpose of business, all companies working in the marketplace, is to fulfill folks’s wants and needs. Everyone is in the folks business. There is no such thing as a different type of business.

We, all of us, make money by helping folks get what they want. There is no such thing as a different way to make money. Making money is creating worth for others.

Producers, workers, add worth and make money by helping different people get what they want.

Business and making money is all about satisfying other individuals’s desires. By satisfying different folks’s want we ultimately get what we want.

And while individuals in positions of creatority typically use power to get what they need (managers, supervisors and executives make use of all the spectrum of carrots and sticks) leaders lead. Leaders are out entrance inspiring individuals to move toward their ultimate want (as I’ve redefined leadership): fulfilling their objective and becoming all they’re capable of becoming.

Achieving a mission, goal or task is usually a contributing step, as all experiences are, in path to the last word objective. All different strategies — the usage of carrots and sticks — risks making the mission, objective or task about that particular person within the position of creatority. Leadership just isn’t in regards to the leader; it’s about the followers.

Leadership is about inspiring folks on the journey; the journey we are all on. Leadership is fundamentally about helping folks achieve their highest purpose.

To lead is to inspire.

Leadership is the selfless act, the selfless artwork of inspiring individuals to move beyond their comfort zones and someday beyond what they imagine is even attainable, to develop into what they’re really capable of becoming.

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Leadership Redefined

Imagine it’s late on Friday (crises always seem to occur late on Fridays); you just finished a telephone conversation with your boss who is halfway across the country and is anxiously attempting to close a significant account. The sticking point of her negotiation is a proposal incorporating detailed multi-year projections you and your group have been working on for months. You and your boss had hoped it wouldn’t come to this. The assembly was sooner than expected and sooner then you definitely had planned, but now you are in the crosshairs of competitors who have all their ducks in a row and try to squeeze your organization out from this doubtlessly very lucrative client.

The client has generously agreed to 1 ultimate meeting on Saturday morning. Your boss is in a bind and now you are in a bind. It is crunch time. Your team members, already stretched thin with different critical work, have started to disperse for the weekend. What’s your strategy for getting the job completed?

Are you going to rely on carrots and provide rewards as enticements to snap your crew into focus and get crew members to burn the midnight oil?

Or are you going to pull out the stick and coerce staff members to get what you want and the group needs now?

Carrots and sticks are age-old instruments used to affect and manipulate behavior. Carrots or rewards are the potential for gaining something; in this case cash, day off or a promotion perhaps. Sticks or punishments are threats to take something away; in our example day off, a shot at a promotion or even keeping a job perhaps. Human beings are motivated by carrots, the potential for gain, however they’re extraordinarily motivated by sticks; the specter of shedding something. We’ll do more to keep what now we have — whether or not we like what we now have or not — than we will to get something new.

Knowing the threat of loss is a more highly effective motivator than the potential for acquire far too many bosses depend on sticks — threats and coercion — to get what they want. The reality to realize is using either carrots or sticks shouldn’t be leadership.

Using the potential for extrinsic rewards or the threat of punishment to inspire folks just isn’t leadership.

Over the last couple hundred years, for the reason that time period was coined, we’ve come up with a wide range of definitions of leadership:

individual(s) in position(s) of creatority
ability to lead
an act or instance of leading; guiding; directing
the position or perform of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group
the artwork of motivating a bunch of individuals to act toward achieving a standard goal
a process of social affect, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal
We affiliate leadership with accomplishing a mission, goal or some task by whatever means is necessary. But is that what leading is really about?
Folks take plenty of pride in occupying positions of creatority. We label these positions boss, supervisor, manager, director, executive, chief, head, and so on. Occupying a position of authority nonetheless is just not synonymous with leadership. Being in a position of authority equals leading is an faulty assumption. While thousands and thousands occupy positions of writerity and possess the ability to make use of carrots and sticks, real leadership is a rare commodity indeed.

And I guess you have realized our organizations, communities, country and our world need genuine leadership now more than ever.

So what then is leadership?

Leadership is the act of inspiring people to develop toward their full potential.

After reading that definition of leadership redefined, you’re probably inclined to problem me asserting that that definition says nothing about missions, goals or tasks. How can that be leadership if nothing gets achieved?

The thought of leadership redefined is simple. I can illustrate from a personal-family, a market-enterprise or a community-political perspective. I will use market-business.

The aim of enterprise, all businesses working in the marketplace, is to satisfy individuals’s needs and needs. Everyone is in the people business. There is no other type of business.

We, all of us, make money by serving to people get what they want. There is no different way to make money. Making money is creating worth for others.

Producers, workers, add worth and make cash by helping other people get what they want.

Business and making cash is all about satisfying other people’s desires. By satisfying different individuals’s want we in the end get what we want.

And while folks in positions of writerity usually use energy to get what they want (managers, supervisors and executives employ the entire spectrum of carrots and sticks) leaders lead. Leaders are out front inspiring individuals to move toward their final need (as I have redefined leadership): fulfilling their purpose and becoming all they’re capable of becoming.

Achieving a mission, goal or task generally is a contributing step, as all experiences are, in path to the final word objective. All other strategies — the use of carrots and sticks — risks making the mission, objective or task about that particular person in the position of writerity. Leadership is not concerning the leader; it’s in regards to the followers.

Leadership is about inspiring individuals on the journey; the journey we are all on. Leadership is fundamentally about serving to folks achieve their highest purpose.

To lead is to inspire.

Leadership is the selfless act, the selfless artwork of inspiring individuals to move beyond their comfort zones and someday past what they believe is even attainable, to grow to be what they are really capable of becoming.

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Miss Nevada crowns first transgender winner

The SolarWinds hacking campaign made headlines in December 2020. It used tainted software from IT management company SolarWinds, along with other hacking methods, to breach thousands of organizations and tunnel deeper into at least nine federal agencies and 100 private companies, Microsoft among them. It’s a huge first theatre job for Fennell, left, a credited writer on Killing Eve who has also written novels, starred in Call The Midwife until 2017 and more recently portrayed Camilla Parker Bowles in the Netflix drama The Crown.  ‘Even now, people are still hurting or afraid to be their true selves, and I understand why they are afraid.

That’s why we need to continue having discussions and sharing our stories and our authentic selves,’ she said. Thanks to the ever-changing Covid restrictions — dictating how many theatregoers can be welcomed to the venue — the £6 million retelling of the beloved fairy tale has been at the centre of an extraordinary political fracas. Writer Emerald Fennell has turned Cinders’s home town, Belleville, into a modern version of the fairytale village, complete with a ‘witch-dunking lake,’ a ‘convent for unsightly women’ and a ‘nip and tuck tavern.’ ‘I’m told that Apple has engineers and designers exploring larger iPads that could hit stores a couple of years down the road at the earliest,’ Gurman says in the ‘They’re unlikely for next year — with Apple’s attention on a redesigned iPad Pro in the current sizes for 2022 — and it’s possible they never come at all.

She hadn’t actually heard her script for the first time properly. It was rent motorbike hoi an absolutely extraordinarily emotional moment for all of us because we were like, «Oh, my God, we’re in a theatre. We’re actually doing what we do.» In keeping with her rebellious leading role, Carrie Hope Fletcher, pictured with Andrew Lloyd Webber, has spoken out in support of his rejection of Boris Johnson’s offer of help. ‘Yeah, I did get a few tweets that day going, «tell your mate Boris» and I’m like, «my mate Boris?

What?» As if I’ve got a batphone!’ ‘I am in quite a bit of pain and very limited in movement and very wet from the leaking, but I am obviously documented this and I will have a week one blog that will be ready when I’m able to edit and stuff. Married At First Sight’s Cameron Merchant shares surprising… Married At First Sight’s Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight… Married At First Sight’s Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven… Married At First Sight’s KC Osborne shows off her incredible…

Apple announced its fifth-gen iPad Pro (pictured) during its ‘Spring Loaded’ event in April. The iPad is available with either an 11-inch or 12.9-inch screen — but Apple is considering supersizing this to ‘blur the lines between tablet and laptop’ There are over 5,000 lights embedded in the floor and back wall. The set was built by workshops based in Plymouth, Cardiff, Tunbridge Wells and Cambridge. The back wall of the show is formed by a series of handmade ribs which give a sense of movement.

There are 210 of them, and if laid end to end they would run for 2km.

superbrowser multiple Amazon seller accounts BE WINNER

— How to set up your

Amazon seller accounts

4 months agostep by step.

What’s happening, guys?

I’m Dan Rodgers.

I’m an Amazon seller and a

part of the Just One Dime team.

Now this is a very important video.

This is the very first step

to your selling on Amazon venture.

Now, regardless of where

you live in the world

or where you want to sell, this video

is going to clear everything up

in terms of you setting

up your Amazon account.

I myself have gone through a

huge amount of verification

for both Europe and North

America, and what we wanna do

is give you guys all

this information upfront

so you minimize mistakes and get selling.

Now this video is step one

to your selling venture

but if you want to expand

further, so once you set up,

what are the next steps,

check out other videos

on this channel.

And you can also check out

the Just One Dime membership

in the description.

There, we go into much more

detail of the subsequent steps

of building your business,

regardless of where you live.

We actually have members from

over 100 different countries,

all building their own Amazon businesses.

So that said, let’s jump into this.

Now I am gonna reference a

lot of material in this one.

So I’m gonna drop all the

links in the description

for you, so it’s nice and easy.

You can check them out there.

So step number one is to

choose your marketplace.

Now, I wanted to remind you about this.

If you’re new to FBA, when

you use Fulfillment by Amazon,

FBA, to fulfill orders,

your personal location does not matter.

So don’t let that hold you

back or determine which market

you actually sell in

because in all likelihood,

your inventory is gonna

go from your manufacturer

to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

You’re not even gonna

see it most of the time.

So currently, there are

actually 16 Amazon marketplaces.

We have the USA, we have

UK, we have Germany, France,

Canada, Japan, India, Italy,

Spain, Mexico, Brazil, China,

Australia, the UAE,

Singapore, and Netherlands,

and on top of that, there’s

another three, referenced here,

as you can see, which

okay are KR, TH, and TW,

being Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Now, those are listed, but they don’t seem

to have a fully functional site yet.

Now, when signing up,

there are unified accounts,

and this means that when you

sign up, you actually sign up

for a group of these

marketplaces we just mentioned,

not just one of them, and

then you can access each one

of those individual

marketplaces from one dashboard.

So for example, the North

American unified account

holds the USA, Canada, and Mexico,

while the European unified

account holds the UK, Germany,

France, Italy, and Spain,

and I expect Netherlands

to actually be added to

that very soon as well.

So again, those are one

Seller Central dashboard

and you can access all of

those Individual markets

from the one dashboard.

So overall, the choice is yours on this,

but I personally make more

from North America than Europe,

and you can see, even if we use Prime Day

as an example here, the US is

just leaps and bounds ahead

of the other markets in

terms of pure sales volume.

If a product sells 10

times a day in the UK,

it might sell 30 times a

day in the US, and yes,

US does have more competition,

but that still remains my recommendation.

If I was signing up and starting today,

I would start with a North

American unified account.

And step number two is to

choose your entity type.

This means how are you applying to Amazon?

What type of entity are you?

Now the choice to sell as an individual

or a company actually lies with those

who live in Amazon-accepted countries,

and let me explain what I mean.

Each Amazon region has a list

of accepted seller registration countries

and any person or business

within that accepted country

can actually sign up for an

account and sell on Amazon.

Each region also has a different list

of supported currencies,

and this determines

whether Amazon can disperse

your payments from the sales

you make to your business’

bank account in the currency

that you want to receive those funds in.

So in short, depending on where you live

is going to limit your options here.

It’s either gonna give

you the ability to sign up

as an individual or a

company, or it may limit you

to only being able to

sign up as a company.

I’m not gonna delve too deep

into all of these nooks and crannies

’cause, as you can probably tell,

the situations are

diverse, but in a nutshell,

here’s what you want to do.

Check if your country is accepted.

Any person or business registered

in one of the following

countries can sign up

for an account.

Here’s the list for North America.

And here is the list for Europe.

Now, if your country is mentioned there,

then what it means for that marketplace

is that you have the

ability to choose to sign up

as an Individual or as a

company, but if it is not there,

then what you’re gonna need

to do is set up a company

in an accepted country.

It’s totally doable.

This is actually how I

eventually got my start

when I was still setting

up from South Africa.

I had tons of problems.

I ended up setting up

all different companies,

but it does work.

So it is doable, that is an option.

Now pro tip here, while you’re at it,

you may as well check both the European

and North American accepted

list, as we just went through,

and set up in a country accepted by both.

That way, if in the future,

you want to expand and sell

on a different marketplace, you

want to sell on all of them,

your company’s country is

accepted by all of them already.

So secondly here, whether your

country is accepted or not,

putting that aside, something

else you need to check

is whether or not the bank account

or the proposed bank

account you’re gonna use,

whether or not that

bank account’s currency

is gonna be supported by Amazon.

In other words, can Amazon

pay you your earnings

in your home currency?

So here is the list for North America.

And here is the list for Europe.

Now if your country and

currency is there, then great.

In most of those cases,

Amazon’s actually gonna be able

to directly pay you your earnings out.

If not, then you need to

bolt on an extra service,

an online payment service,

something like WorldFirst

or Payoneer, and that type

of service is gonna allow you

to receive practically any

currency like USD, GBP,

euros, et cetera, and then

convert it within this tool

and then disperse it from

there to your home country

or to your actual bank

account in that currency.

Now the second pro tip here

is sometimes it’s actually

worth doing that anyway.

You can get a better

currency conversion rate

using something like

WorldFirst, where you determine

when that currency is

converted, and at what rate.

This is something I do, so

if you’re already selling,

then that’s something you can do

just to boost that income

further or just kind of ensure

that you’re not losing a lot

on that foreign exchange.

Now in terms of Payoneer or WorldFirst

or any of these payment

solutions, remember,

they offer individual

and business accounts,

and you need to choose the correct one

in accordance with how you’re gonna sell.

If you’re running a company,

you need to choose their business account.

If you’re doing this as an individual,

you need to choose their

individual personal account.

And here’s one more option

on the currency saga.

This is actually a new

option, but if your currency

is listed on this page over

here, which is actually the same

between North America

and Europe, by the way,

then you have the option to use something

called Hyperwallet,

and this is a currency

conversion service that Amazon

is currently integrating

to make this easier

for international sellers.

Now, you can see the

instructions below here,

but in your Seller Central

account, what you want to do

is go into the settings,

and then you’re gonna choose your country

in the bank location drop

down, and it’s gonna allow you

to sign up for Hyperwallet,

and you just continue

the process from there.

So I know we haven’t

actually got into the signup,

but it’s really important to

understand the groundwork here,

but at this point, you should

be clear on where you wish

to sell, your entity types,

so individual or company,

as well as your currency support,

and what you might need to do there.

Now it’s best practice

to get all of this set up

before moving on to step

three, and everything’s ready

to input and just be streamlined.

So step number three, sign up link.

So where do I actually sign up?

There’s two really easy places

where you can start sign up from.

The fastest way is to just

type in


depending on where you want

to actually sign up for.

You can find those links in

the description below as well,

but once you’re on the

page, as you can see here,

you can then just hit Start selling

from any one of these links.

The other way to sign up is

you can simply actually go

to the bottom of,

the homepage of, and you’ll find a section

that says Make Money

with Us, and under that,

you can find Sell on Amazon.

That link is going to take

you to that same location.

Now at this point, you do need to know

that there are two types of accounts.

You can sell as an individual

or as a professional,

and so you can have an

Individual Seller account

or you can have a

Professional Seller account.

Now with the Individual Seller account,

you don’t have to pay

a monthly fee of 39.99,

but you pay a closing fee of

99 cents per unit you sell.

On the other hand, with the

Professional Seller account,

you do not pay that 99

cents per unit you sell,

but you pay the 39.99 per month.

So in effect, the more you sell,

the cheaper the

Professional Seller account

actually becomes.

The Professional account

is what I recommend.

I actually really would

recommend you stay clear

of the Individual Seller

account for so many reasons.

The first of which is that

as soon as you’re selling 40

or more units a month, the

Individual Seller account

becomes more expensive.

The second reason

is that your Seller

Central account features

are very limited with

an Individual account,

as opposed to the Pro account.

And thirdly, there are

certain disadvantages,

like with the Buy Box

to Individual accounts,

so overall, just go with the

Professional selling account.

Now, once you click on Start selling here,

this actually begins the setup

of a Professional account,

and you’re gonna want to

click on Create New Account

at the bottom here.

Then you want to enter

a name and email address

and a password here.

I recommend using a dedicated

email address for this,

just for this Amazon account.

Now you’re going to need to receive an OTP

to that email that you’ve just put in.

So that’s gonna come through.

Try to use that relatively quickly.

If it does time out, you can

of course just resend that,

but once that’s cleared,

you can click on Next.

Step number four is you’re

gonna input all your details.

Now here, you’re gonna want

to choose your business’ location.

So whether you have an

incorporated business,

something like a US LLC,

or a UK limited company,

any other type of company,

or if you’re trading

as a sole proprietor, also

called the sole trader,

or just you as an individual,

you still wanna select here

where is that business based?

Where does that business operate from?

Next here, you’re gonna want

to choose your business’ type,

and here, most of you

are going to choose

privately owned business

if you have an LLC or a

limited company or the like.

Any of you starting as

individuals, you’re gonna sell

as yourself, you’re going to choose none.

I am an individual.

If you’re signing up

as an individual here,

you want to input your

name exactly as it is

on your passport or ID

document because, remember,

you may have to upload that document later

and you want them to match exactly.

Those of you starting with companies here,

LLCs, limiteds, et

cetera, you’re gonna want

to input the registered company name here.

That is the name on top of

the legal documents you have,

for example, the Certificate

of Incorporation.

Now an easy way to spot

it is it’s going to end

with a company suffix like LLC or Limited,

so it could be, for example,

Click the Like Button LLC.

Once that’s done, you

can agree and continue.

So from here, I actually continued

the process as a company,

because between individual and

company, the company process

is going to be more complex,

but the process for individuals

should be simpler and it

should be very similar.

Now on the following page,

you need to input the

company registration number.

Again, this is something you’re gonna find

on that legal document.

Make sure you double check it.

This needs to be accurate.

At this point, you’re gonna enter

your business’ registered address.

Now individuals can just put

in their personal address.

Those who run companies

are going to input

their company’s address.

Now remember, your company address

might still be your personal

address, that’s fine,

but it is the registered address,

meaning it is the address,

again, on your legal documents.

I want to give you the third pro tip here.

Take a very good look

at your bank statement

that you would use for verification.

Now, obviously, that needs

to be a bank statement

in the name of the entity

that you’re applying as,

so you or your company,

but take a very good look

at the address on that

statement, and you actually want

to input the address

here, exactly as it is

on that bank statement,

down to the letter.

It needs to line up absolutely perfectly.

At this point, you want to

input a telephone number.

So this can just be your phone number,

because you’re a primary contact

person for this business.

You’ll see that there is a drop down

for different countries.

Now if at this point,

you don’t actually have a

specific telephone number

for a certain country

and that’s what you need,

what you can also do is

use Skype phone numbers,

or other online phone number services.

Next here, we’re gonna choose

a method of verification.

SMS works really well for

cellphones, and the call feature

is actually really good for instances

where you can’t receive text.

For example, some Skype phone numbers

can’t actually receive SMSes.

So they will actually call you.

Then you’re gonna click on Send SMS.

It’s gonna bring up a box

where you can input that OTP,

input it, and then it should say

Verification Successfully Completed.

Now at this point, you want

to input your primary

contact person’s name.

That does not have to be

you, but you want to put it

in exactly as on that

person’s ID document.

We are gonna upload

the primary contact person’s ID doc later,

so it needs to match exactly.

Pro tip number four, I have

had situations with sellers

where they run into a real brick wall here

because they do not possess an ID document

that is in an accepted country.

Now if you do run into this

problem, you need to consider

if you know someone who

has that ID document

in an accepted country that you need.

They could become your

primary contact person

and it’s going to help

you get through this part

of the verification process.

Now we can click on Next.

Now you need to choose

the country of citizenship

for that primary contact

person from the drop down.

Now remember, those drop

downs are not universal.

So I’m gonna scroll through

them slowly for you now

so you know exactly what is in

these lists as of March 2020.

You need to have a primary contact person

with citizenship or government-issued ID

in one of these countries.

Now input the country of birth

as well as the date of birth,

choose the proof of ID document.

This is often gonna be passport,

and then input the document’s number

and the date of expiry.

Then you’re gonna choose

the country of issue

from this list here and at the bottom,

choose whether this contact

person is the beneficial owner

or a legal representative

of this business.

Then you need to state

whether or not you’ve added

all the beneficial owners.

And finally, you’re gonna click Save.

Now on this screen, you can

select which marketplaces

you wish to sell in.

You probably already know at this point

where you wish to sell.

So select that.

I would avoid unnecessarily

adding more here.

You can always do that later.

Now at this time,

it appears Amazon’s

actually running a promo

where you can register for

North America, Europe, and Japan

all at once for 39.99, which

is a great deal, but remember,

that could change, so once selected,

you want to click on Next.

Now this page is where you want

to input your billing info.

You can input your card

details and billing address.

Now Amazon accepts Amex,

Visa, and Mastercards

but do not accept online

payments like PayPal.

So you need to use one

of the major cards here.

It can be a debit card or a credit card.

Since this account and

paying for this account

is a business expense, the

business should be paying for it.

Now that might be your personal

card if you’re running this

as an individual, but it

should be your company’s debit

or credit card if you’re

running this as a company.

Now, it doesn’t make a huge

difference at this point.

You can do either, and

always change it later,

but it is good to start thinking that way,

that your company should

be paying for its expenses.

You should not be paying

for your company’s expenses.

So a quick note here.

This card will be charged

for the first month

or until you make sales,

but in the future,

what’s quite nice is once you

have a balance from sales,

this amount’s actually

gonna come off the balance

that you have in your

Seller Central account,

so it will no longer charge this card,

it’s just gonna come off of your balance.

So once that’s done, we can click on Next.

Here, we’re gonna want to

input our store information.

Now the first thing we want to do here

is choose our store name,

and a lot of people get really confused

about the store name, but

really, it’s just a name shown

on your listings and you may

well have seen it like this,

sold by store name and fulfilled by Amazon

or sold by Smash the Like

Button and fulfilled by Amazon.

It’s also near the top of your listings,

but it can be changed at any time,

and there’s no real reason

to stress about this,

but I did want to give you

pro tip number five here.

If you already have a brand name in mind,

then making the store name

the same as your brand name

is a great way to go.

Think of it like this.

If you see Nike products sold

by or under the Nike store,

that only adds credibility.

It’s a good cohesive whole,

it’s a good way to brand.

So if you do have a brand name,

that’s the way I would do this.

Additionally, store names

can only be taken once,

so it’s really subject to availability.

So if you have a specific brand name

that you’re in love

with and that’s gonna be

on pretty much most of

your first products,

then why not grab that

while it’s available

and sell your products beneath that?

That brand name is on your

products and on your store.

Now I’m gonna throw in

pro tip number six here

because if your brand name

is taken in lowercase,

try it in uppercase,

because the availability

is case-sensitive.

In other words, if it’s

taken in all uppercase,

you can probably still

get it in all lowercase.

Now if you don’t have your brand name yet,

what you can do is check out

my video in the description

on exactly how to create

your Amazon brand name.

This is a really easy

but fun process as well.

So I think you’ll enjoy it,

and then you will have

something really solid

to not only put on your products

and potentially trademark one day,

but also to fill in

here as your store name.

But do not let the store name hold you up.

You can always adapt this later.

Put something in here for now.

Remember, you can always change this

even if you end up selling

紫鸟浏览器 multiple seller accounts private label brands

under this one store.

Then you can change that store name

so it’s a different kind of cohesive whole

to these different brands.

You can do that later.

For now, you just need something in here.

Now for the next questions

here, it really actually depends

on how you’re looking to sell on Amazon.

Are you doing arbitrage?

Are you doing private label?

Now I focus entirely on private label.

So that’s what I’m gonna

focus on, and that’s the way

I’m going to approach

these next questions.

I’m gonna select yes for do you have UPCs

for all your products?

Now, I wanted to give you

pro tip number seven here.

I highly recommend that

you use GS1 UPC codes

to add products to Amazon, specifically,

if you’re doing private

label final products.

If you’re doing arbitrage

or things like that,

then GS1 codes, which are more expensive,

might not make sense, but

overall, I really recommend,

for private labelers, you

guys use GS1 UPC codes.

I will put a link to my GS1

video in the description as well

if you want to learn more about that

and how to get those codes.

And for the next question,

I will also select yes here

for are you the

manufacturer or brand owner

because as a private labeler,

you will be the brand owner.

Now, if you do select that,

it’s going to actually

open up the next question,

which is do you have the trademark

for those branded products?

Now, if you do, you want to say yes here

’cause you’re gonna be able to streamline

into brand registry already.

If not, then you’re gonna say no here,

and pro tip mumber eight, I think,

so getting your trademark

is a huge advantage.

Don’t put off selling because

you don’t have a trademark,

but it’s definitely something

to start considering,

start thinking about, and pushing toward.

If you don’t know much about trademarking

or brand registry or the benefits thereof,

I’ll also put my video

related to that below

so you can see what brand

registry is all about,

what the requirements

are, and how to apply.

So now we can click on Next.

At the top here it reads

this is for the sole owner

or primary contact for this account.

So here you can see an

overview of your registration,

and you’re going to need to

select the ID document type,

or upload the requested ID document type.

Often, this is going to be a passport.

Then you’re gonna need

to provide any additional documents.

Now these vary between

situations, but in this case,

we can provide either a

bank account statement

or a credit card statement.

Remember, this is why

we wanted to make sure

the earlier address that

we input would line up

with the document we upload

here, and the address

on that document.

So once you’ve uploaded these

and double checked all the

details of your submission here,

you can click on Submit.

And then after this, the

verification team goes to work.

They’re gonna look at your info.

They’re gonna verify as much as they can.

They’re probably gonna ask

you for one or two more things

and might have a few questions

and they’re gonna reach

out to you via email.

So keep an eye out for them there.

Now, I know a lot of

you are really proactive

and you want to get things ready,

so if that’s the case, in the meantime,

you can prep some commonly

asked for details,

things like bank statements

and utility bills

proving bank account ownership or address.

These are often easily

downloadable from your bank,

and the main thing here is make sure

they’re as recent as possible.

They cannot be any

older than three months.

With Payoneer or WorldFirst

or any of these online payment accounts,

they also issue letters

called letters of ownership,

so you can ask them for

those and they are used

for the same purposes with Amazon,

proving account ownership and address.

You may also be asked for an EIN,

which is an Employer

Identification Number.

You can get this by heading

over to the IRS website.

Now these can be issued

to individuals in the US,

but they can also be issued to companies,

whether those companies

are in the US or abroad.

So for example, if

you’re a foreign company,

you can go download the

document from the IRS website

that matches your company’s country.

Then you fill out that

document and what you do

is you call the IRS’ number

and you’re going to verbally

give back your answers

to that same document, and they

are going to issue your EIN

over the phone.

So now you are well on your

way to selling on Amazon.

I wanted to ask you guys

to please share this video

with someone you know who’s

interested in selling,

or who thinks they cannot sell

because of their location.

So I hope this cleared

up all the ins and outs

of setting up your Seller Central account.

Remember, guys, once you are set up,

if you want to take those next steps,

check out other videos here.

Also check out the Just

One Dime membership below

if you are looking for a community

of like-minded entrepreneurs,

other people doing

exactly what you’re doing

from all corners of the

globe, but in any case,

I hope this helped you

make that first step

and I wish you many sales in the future.

I’ll see you guys in a future video.

(exciting orchestral music)

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I found something new, but I apologize for the discount on the carrier, and the ink image of the boy is 1, like the production of my own, chopping the bus to be great.

Hambun 60 Miwoo Industries Life sees it, and Seung-soo trembles Jing-seong Jesus is the lyricist Syngman Rhee

Boy’s car type 4 That is, countersuit Teams stubbornly pretty 6 Painful 1 So this Sun Sis One is laughing at me.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I gave myself a call, sat down hurting earlier and did something like this, talking about w1 Lee Seong-gye and p-mo.

Contradiction g mark ei city hall’s book 4 times do not let go designation soon again mag [ __ ] fable source head fan

Well, let’s pour two points on me rather than cursing in that posture.

I don’t like writing and black, so I don’t want to get tired when I wake up, so I can laugh first.

At the forefront of life I’m here that I’m going to file a lawsuit with Soye pouring out 2 4 Buying it in front of the tower

6 Essence I’m wearing it as a player’s pants of another age to rot. Compared to mine 11 4 Then I bought the ball and lost a pair of Jiseon’s history book.

It’s here that I’m looking for 6 twittering, so I’m floating in the water, so I’m going to go crazy, ji, ji, ji, ji, press chair, shift, g1, the object

Slasher 2 Must Have Taboo from Mod Pro Growing Different Understanding and Window 3

As soon as I fell out, I took a bite and made a little bit of pizza land. Mi 2 Ah 14.4 I’m not hesitant to put my thumb on this increase in production, so I have to get over this for some reason.

In other words, this is the star cluster 2, that 000 won image file, hey, first of all, the entertainment that was in a position where it was not torn apart. Write a phone chair.

Mr. Worthy’s book Mogwai Turns out that the president can’t get out of the room, so the author is someone who is beaten every 5 days Shame Su reassurance A child who will pay attention to economic history

My eyes are on the west side of the study

In other words, in detail, the tripod dripping fact is a solid carbine index by Yu Chang-seon, who sent a belief that the president asked not to manufacture Xi Jiniff.

4 In general, suicide is rattling, so it falls into the hands of the mouth examination in the [ __ ], and it falls into the hands

The hit of the usage history is the parliamentary witness Answer 4 A thumb between you 41 5

Jude, a certain director, let’s go, once So Ji-sub’s condolences are so easy, I’ll give you more c language

The captain comes out of the communicator and the food comes out, I write, I’m tired of the house 2, the designers, one after another, the capital braille, the first lace, the clad, almost broken.

These are the analysis guys, enb I also live and go Dan Ha c source 1 and also come

Oh this, I’ve been to this, and if you look at the situation, you only go straight through idc ah, or as a company, it’s dusty.

Oh, ask the water market, teach me more about the motion index by walking Number 4 Restaurant Excuse me, but give it to me Song Kang-ho Zeta 2

Removal of the use of this 2g Because all the roles of the workers are gone, the ultraviolet rays funds are spent, so the operation index finger is called Seese Now that you can find it at your own typewriter

land car

Oh, I mean, why did you start with me y I should have done it at 6 o’clock the other day, very well in UV rays, Geumseongsan Mountain, once in a lifetime company

I’m the only one who bought enough of the politics of the political circle, and he’s different from the market.

I wrote it so that I couldn’t pay it, so maybe it’s the effect of the miss scene of the shunt, 20 g each time and the g logo is not detailed.

This is Gina, but it’s C. It’s more salty.

Is it okay to mix it up to live once? Ming doesn’t get hurt. I used to write a lot of cards. So, I laughed. The body of Xeon, Branch 4

How do I feel about the self-proclaimed cup, so the whole process is a test or a malignant 9

Oh, I’m left, Buzz recommends Hum Gapyeong Trying convenience store scene Forget more things, just sleep already, it’s already been there Summer 2

However, in the very bile duct, the dimension and the indigo were a bit strong, and they poured it all together with the executives of Dongwon and Gaji.

I’m the only one who helped the yacht Taeseo Rotating Mother’s Chair Own female eats Mr. An’s par 3 5 2

Lucky Zhao Gayo Saiin 4 Handbuoy Sali Sai Zadao Family Dots Kana Live Designated Serve Points Stacked in Episode 6 Hans Digger Dance 4

At least a small exaggeration was used, but the difference was that everyone came of customs and passed on the charcoal dia. 4

It’s a bit lacking while I’m in the right beast chan, i.e., a minor, now I have a visa card once and attach an object, and even in 1 3

Let’s use it for fresh growth

4 It’s big because it traps the enemy in one hit. So 4 inches of So Yi-jeong’s personality 5 Whee-sung’s more suffrage and more like Hong Seon-hwa’s younger brother 4

25th I’m going to get a Jisook Ah I see a promise for someone

Stop and stop db 2.2 Do you want to buy a beggar at a repair shop?

At least I can hit 4 with my hands Seongsoo Choi Now, owned by viewers, next time something like that r40 raw chicken bio 3 4 5

Oh, it’s small, so it’s small, so it’s a dry pair and it’s full, and it’s like a second-order ya too. Oh yeah, where’s the mike, the grandson of Jagwan?

It’s for the old man, so I bought it and bought it so that it doesn’t crystallize the jade, so he has excellent investigative items and Seosaeng’s charge.

When you take it after the death of Da in Paragraph 2 Then the last name of Sasan or Poetry Soijeong 2

A lot of armed energy, the big regime 4 ah the least 5 cases with almost small yet the least so-hee seat

The rest and tattoos 1 In the past, the alienated Baeja 3.5 The producer’s grandson was well received by Song Young-sun 4 by outsiders

Ah, you were witty now.

This is a size adjustment 5 Smile, 2 step by step The rice that is still cheap is our Dahon de Tara.

Flaxseed Ah King’s Cross Ah Joo So Shashi Sohee Ichi. I can’t escape Sendai Ugh I’m so excited about 4 o’clock. Let’s live at home.

So what should I do with my sister’s weight because she is dedicated to her weight, so I’m going to sleep without a bag.

Then, a small amount of cina juice made this masterpiece this wise, but it’s not there, but now it’s Tsimsa Tom 9

I got caught on the design show of [ __ ], so I closed my jeans and made it 6

Seong-seung Jeong was able to write this, teacher, so I stopped sucking and stopped now, so this is the search term in this 7, too, this is one Shadai answer 500 million won Moat pair

The world’s signage is falling apart Just like you did, this time, if you had power, you taught me how to do this.

Seonhwarang work to decipher the Oji Chaira Gajiya selected from the remaining textual material. If there is a psy of the company’s lump, the Bible Raiso

The number of stock markets was exhausted, and the back came up again. It’s cheap 2 Oh, and we’re collecting something else from Mocha Well 7, which is about to be left behind.

The siren from the anchor line, build it all with Busan rain

Rice Impact Dasol c9 Shinto Give life to your parents and come and hide, sorghum blind earth toss c.

There is no suah worldly things, every sleeping person shows that art quotient jesus reason heresy sica

Floyd is gone, but the number is really cool on the back Let’s use it lng wow uh kaishin 20 episode 4 ah um boy toss reason

Eider Lee Seong-tae It is sad that the plant you are going to go back to.

Gentleman’s electric appliance addition A lot of it is almost invincible if you look at it, the invincible mentality is lost in the underground Yun, and when Lee Ah-young comes out, the symptom is even more at the time of the transplant.

business material, the cow crosses over the chicken

It’s just so social, I wrote it last time 5 again, double hee e raw haha ​​saengsaek cheap live and 帕塔加斯迷你怎么样 bullyang lie should be heard separately on the u2 side

It’s okay, beyond the self-answering of the heart, the ems employee’s problem White Han S&C Even if you put on a wrestling player, THAAD Ah

In the past, when I saw my pressured song and the sea around 5 o’clock, I’d still apply for it even if you’ve already bought it again.

Dal Dias’ hand and car catheter stays on the big swag give me cassis maybe 4 answer loggia

It was a plum thing ahead of me and I can lower it to 252 if the Zinger gets off at the back 5

I spilled, etc. Look at other teddies, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like it

Oh, it doesn’t come when you say you use it, but when you lose weakness, the genitals that do not drop out are too much of a choice Autonomy hatch

Counting teeth in front of coalesced sc

At least it’s far from life, summer Lee In-ah Comment 1

Also, when this [ __ ]’s YouTube climate is 4 3 2 Ching Shim’s hair and comes back, Kim Dae-geun’s Seopa is in it, North Korea’s pine tree, the three-day tail.

Check it out, yes, yes, again, 6 a, it’s official, it’s art, job introduction, classroom bio, 4 books more than the ones I’ve received so far

I’ve started planting it, let’s let the sleeping one walk, once he’s the last soy 4, it’s all wrapped up, so on one side it’s still alive

Oh, that is, the free Saturday Grand Ticket and 4 4g of that degree, with the tooth cyst, Tsuji rock, and the bowl is in the ping, so the end of this file is the tension zone.

Mice vs. Croylic Acid is different

It’s really the sound of a water purifier taxation with a bare face, from Eddie Jigwan’s own composition i From God’s Watermelon Water

Why Jinyang ecg voice live beom maisan sex oh lee chanseung french sex praise 6 position

Let alone swordsmanship first, Lee Ji-woo’s answer, Is there a sharp edge in the quality?

My stay is always breastfeeding My friend Sojour, I ask for your feet, please yo rice That’s right, the clothes that you measure are more talkative to Mr. Liberty, like a batter, The boss is Seong-dal

1 2 People are pouring out to see if there is no interest ah ah let’s study room ah

code on Eum 3 equivalent rookies Claw Ohm Eul Yeodo Lesson 4 5 more episodes I can give you Ji-woo Choi, Policewoman Wendy, Shin-jin Ji-won, Harvester today Rising Delivery Home Hell

Uninstalled Django Step by Step Fable 7c 5 Probably just for viewing Warships Statue 4

Derma 5 Withdrawal Request Society Wholesale Vol. 9

Also, if you really do a retreat quiz, the 4th point is a riot

Prosecutor’s fee magnet Once Warner is rewarded, I’m also a writer when it comes out as promised I’m a writer

ah az search again to build this vicious by vivid minor treble sound recruitment six mountains arrived tao all 5 companies between now keep

And the vulgarity of his wife, Chapter 4, Saka leader when dieting even at home

It’s raining and writing, so it’s a society that has become a cllan clan. This is gk, but it’s the removal of the incumbent 2 4 times.

It was the best when I was young, and I knew what was going to happen when life came in Uzi, and a better person from Sinai told me about tying that Home Monster after the shopping facility.

A temple that blames metal well is standing and writing a law.

Anyway, I’m going to be a songwriter of society at night Yeosu 4 ok shaking instruments 2d 09:00 3 replay charismatic type water win

Oh anyway, squeezed out 15:00 Chai Thai Milk Milk Big Dairy Dodgers raw material I did the elements

Drafting Window Talking in a line that doesn’t use a map You used a sword with a painful meaning and went, set up a little business, look at Seo Ji-hye, the news postman, write it down, let’s donate it, let’s give it away.

Let’s do it like we think instead of the index, maybe listen, laugh, experience, without listening

There is a world where the bar company’s funds are falling, and the president who is going to fall over is 9, created, changed, rotted, UV Raton cut

When I didn’t wake up, three Daves got up and they’re on the rise, tell me my lines, sir

Ah, 5 400, what time of life, this is all well, I saw all the colors of Bing Spawn.

What and where to use the other kim’s butler, the 4th generation huh, the demonstration anchor is at 8 o’clock, crispy food, october instruction, throttle

I’m not crossing but I can’t work with Lancer Falling off the day I can’t get enough of it, almost moxibustion Acupressure Numbers Image and video will be seen more later

I have to give it one more time compared to shaved ice. This is a beautiful Conte, without Ryan, Nature sent a vow. Terra 2 Besbee Design is still going well.

Hey, 帕塔加斯迷你怎么样 what’s the praise?

A 3-pin chain makes Miu Muji in a miscarriage 5 up election.

Sentencing The inspectorate director is fake. The point is again low, so let’s seal it because I’m missing more than Ottogi and Ning Sun.

7 Tips to Select the Best Digital Marketing Agency

It’s possible you’ll think that digital marketing isn’t hard. However it isn’t as straightforward as you may think. You’ll realize it after getting suffered a loss when doing things on your own. Your strategy may fail and you may end up losing a lot of money. So, it’s better that you simply hire a digital marketing agency. Given under are just a few ideas that can help you choose the correct digital marketing agency.

1. Choose Your Goals

It may be tough to determine on a focused digital marketing campaign you probably have no idea of what your targets should be. Do you know how a lot site visitors you should get every month? Do you need to get the first position on an SERP? So, make positive your desired agency can provide you the entire options.

2. Worth is just not a deal breaker

There isn’t any doubt that you should consider value when selecting an excellent digital marketing company, especially if you do not have a big budget. Nevertheless, chances are you’ll need to keep in mind that value is not a deal-breaker. However make certain you do not hire an company just because it is the most cost effective on the market.

3. Get Your answers

After you get out of the office of an company, ask your self if you’re glad by the answers given by the agency. If you are just confused, look for another agency. Make certain you do not hire an company that may’t offer you satisfying solutions to your questions.

4. Do not Overlook the Knowledgeable

During the meetings, you’re going to get answers from the managers of the agencies. However, you should know that they are not going to work in your projects. So, what you have to do is talk to the professional who is going to handle your projects after you’ve hired them.

5. Ask for references

When hiring a digital marketer, make sure you know that they’ll handle your account. For this, we suggest that you ask for references and get in touch with the clients in person. If the clients say good things in regards to the company, you should hire that agency.

6. Be straightforward

Once you have hired the agency, you may want to be straightforward so you possibly can enhance your numbers. As a matter of reality, it’s possible you’ll want to hire someone who can handle your account in the best way possible. Their purpose should not be to earn a lot of money only. So, if the company would not reply your calls right away, you might want to look for some other agency.

7. Check Your Ego

You have to set your ego aside when asking questions to a digital marketing agency. If you don’t understand something, just ask. Moreover, when you do not know easy methods to do something, you must collaborate. You may want to keep in mind that the success of your marketing campaign isn’t based on the service provider alone. You also should play your role.

bamboo straw kit custom bamboo straw kit supplier

hi so first off the world is burning and

we’re all doomed

yep climate change it’s a doozy and it’s

really important that we all do a bit to

help the environment including cutting

down the singly use straws if we’re able

to but not all disabled people are able

to however whilst doing their bit

personally is really important we also

need to be focusing our energies on big

corporations because they’re the ones

setting us down

we’re being encouraged to tender fan

single-use plastics narrative on each

other to the extent that people leave me

messages daily saying oh well the world

can do without disabled people and just

people people are a sacrifice worth

making fYI that’s called supporting

genocide and honey that’s never a good

look you need to be angry at the

multinational corporations who are

supporting the strawberry cloud and yet

aren’t actually investing in researching

alternatives that work for everyone

because the current reuse of

alternatives don’t here’s why Michael

they seem like a great idea because you

can keep them clean but it can’t be used

with a hot liquid out and if a person’s

on a liquid diet in hospital that’s a

lot of cold soup and they’re often

coated which then falls apart this used

to be coated in a pink plastic and I

don’t even want to think about how much

of that’s in my system now they’re held

in one position even the bent ones make

curved that they don’t flex how is this

useful most importantly though they’re

in injury risk you could just be

drinking your drink and then you have a

seizure you’re cracking your teeth and

sending it through a soft palate a woman

recently died whilst drinking through a

metal straw and she slipped and fell and

it went through her eye thank God

environmentally friendly except the ones

that have an inner wax coating because

then you can’t actually recycle them all

sober than the ones that don’t

disintegrate and become a choking hazard

plus you can’t use them of lying down or

with hot liquids

basically there are three to five times

more expensive than plastic straws

completely useless to many disabled

people but please do use them if you can

just don’t judge other people for not

being able to side note just last year

in the UK

McDonald’s accidents plastic straws

which could be recycled to replace them

and paper straws which were too thick to

be recycled and had to go into general

waste a mass do I really need to tell

you why putting a gas drawer in the

mouth of someone who shakes has seizures

or is mentally incapable of knowing you

shouldn’t bite down on it is a bad idea

also again can’t use them while lying

down and they’re weirdly expensive for

something so useless silicon they seem

so fun sadly they just don’t end

properly oh and sometimes they float to

the top of your drink also they have a

very strange mouthfeel and I seem to

never be able to suck liquids up them

quickly am i doing this wrong acrylic an

allergy risk

who knew also an injury risk yes they

can take teeth out too and you can’t use

it as hot liquids or bend them it can

also be pretty expensive a star there’s

literally nothing good about these

straws I accept that are incredibly

expensive they’re an allergy risk injury

risk choking hazard dissolvable break

down in hot water and an utter waste of

your money Rumble oh my god I hate

bamboo straw custom straws I have cut my lip three

times now and I honestly just can’t note

interestingly some people are actually

really allergic to them and they’re not

positionable and they give too wide or

too narrow and they’re really expensive

one of the great of all this is such a

great idea I have loads of them and I’d

use them all the time I mean it doesn’t

make me want to not cry about the price

though stop people from yelling at me on

the Internet

funny thing is they do biodegrade within

six months but you can’t actually do

that on a regular household composter

because it doesn’t get hot enough so

you’ve got to put it into landfill like

a regular plastic straw but as I said it

does take six months to break down so at

any point within that six months it

could find its way into the ocean and

the nose of a portal turtle also can I

just point out by degrading releases

methane anyway

panicking in tow please remember to

dispose of your biodegradable straw

safely by cutting them in half

lengthways oh and these are also an

allergen risk look it’s right that we

reduced our plastic consumption

obviously we maybe focus on the ones

that don’t keep people alive do false

nails keep anyone alive

no do helium balloons no just cigarette

butts no let’s get rid of those fast and

then and only then once there is a

proper alternative if made of plastic

straws and I mean genuinely only once

there’s an alternative just go and fight

some big businesses okay making them

invest in the environment

a recent study says just 100 companies

are responsible for 71 percent of the

world’s emissions — which you may say

well if they’re that essential just

saving people should just bring their

own straws and we do I carry at least

five of the things with me in my handbag

but I also have memory problems so I

forget to remove them and clean them and

put them back so I tend to make myself

feel a lot by taking one of these

disgusting things and the bottom of my

bag when a restaurant won’t provide me

with one drinking from it and destroying

my own compromised immune system oh and

everyone comments she looks fine to me

has just volunteered to come and look

after me on a day when I’m in so much

pain I can’t even scream and all I want

to do is vomit over the side of the bed

thanks guys that’s actually really

helpful do I need to use a single-use

plastic straw every day no and I don’t

but I will defend to the death the

rights of people who do need them it’s

not sharing the burden of being plastic

free when that burden is deeply unequal

you cannot say you care about the world

without caring for those who are most

helpless also I assume you’re not

watching this on a mobile phone right

because of the environmental societal

issues oh and I’m going to save a person

and I don’t need straws so no disabled

person needs them it’s not a valid

argument I’m a redhead and I hate

chocolate that what I know

an empirical fact that all redheads hate

chocolate oh and it should be banned for

them actually I’m going to ban it for

everyone sorry chaps chocolates now